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ASN Morning Read: A Teen Struggles in Scotland

The bright young thing of American soccer can't find a place on the field with Rangers; Major League Soccer shows some positive growth; Robbie Rogers takes a stand; Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his abs.
BY Noah Davis Posted
March 09, 2016
8:05 AM
  • Eeeeeeeesh: "Unfortunately, there's not really any other reason than that he hasn't been good enough to get in the team (although a knock has kept him out of contention for a couple of games, but he hasn't been missed.) The thing to bear in mind with Zelalem is, he really couldn't have had things go much better in terms of gifting him an opportunity." 

  • The United States will play Ecuador and Bolivia in pre-Copa friendlies in May. 

  • That is... decent, I think?
  • This is sort of an absurd headline: "MLS Commissioner Don Garber isn't celebrating triumphs; he's too focused on the future." Good story, though.

  • MLS Power Rankings, anyone?

  • Robbie Rogers: "Chick-Fil-A... I look forward to the day where I am not the only professional soccer player that addresses these issues in our league. I prefer my actions to speak rather than making statements but The LA Galaxy have been extremely supportive of me and my family. Although I don’t support or eat Chick-Fil-A, I do support my club and have since I was a young boy. Hopefully this partnership will be educational and the LA Galaxy, who are very inclusive and diverse, can have a positive influence on Chick-Fil-A."

  • Cristiano Ronaldo trains a lot

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