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ASN Morning Read: We Are All Seattle for Now

The Sounders win in front of a massive crowd as a United States national team star does his thing. (No, not that one.) Landon Donovan leads the Los Angeles Galaxy. We talk haircuts, too.
BY Noah Davis Posted
August 26, 2013
8:05 AM
  • Eddie Johnson ensured that Clint Dempsey's home debut would be a victorious one. You know what? Just watch the highlights:
  • While we're here, though, like a billion people showed up to CenturyLink Field on Sunday night. Okay, 67,385, which was good for the second-largest standalone crowd for an MLS game and the third-biggest soccer crowd in the world. So cool: But, you know:
  • If there were any lingering doubts about Landon Donovan vis-à-vis "being back" and "being good," which there weren't but whatever, let's just silence them now:

  • Sepp Blatter continues to say that the 2022 World Cup will not be held in the summer. "I would be very much surprised, more than surprised, if the ExCo will not accept the principle you cannot play in summer in Qatar. What will be following, this would be then decided later," the old man said. That seems like something he could have seen coming. Perhaps the dollar signs were clouding his vision.

  • Would you like a long breakdown of Jozy Altidore's game over the weekend? The takeaway: "Hopefully Steven Fletcher coming back, sooner or later, makes a difference for Altidore. He's in a swarm of two or three defenders every time he touches the ball. As is, he'll get a half chance per game, tops, and if it goes begging, that's it. Doing all the other little things well though."

  • One more from the Pacific Northwest:

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