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ASN Morning Read: The Sun Will Come Up Today

Well, it's actually overcast in Recife but you get the point. Getting a point is exactly what the United States did Sunday night against Portugal. So why was it all so crushing?
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 23, 2014
7:41 AM
  • The United States national team tied against Portugal in a match that felt like a loss. "It was a little bit of a bummer but we'll move on and get the next one," Jurgen Klinsmann said. "These finishes are very emotional for all of us. That's what the World Cup is all about." Here's an excellent breakdown of what went wrong during those last 55 seconds. Player ratings, anyone?

  • #sadtweet:
  • Do you want to know how the U.S. can advance? Blake Thomsen has you covered. Basically, don't lose.

  • Back in lighter days, pre-Portugal:
  • I am totally into this video of Brazilian skateboarding legend Bob Burnquist playing soccer on his board:
  • This is interesting: "On balance, then, this analysis doesn’t provide much support for the theory that American players don’t dive enough. It seems when they do dive, they’re just about as effective at drawing fouls as you’d expect, given whom they played against and how much they possessed the ball."

  • No rest for the weary:
  • And hahahahahaha:
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