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ASN Morning Read: So Close and Yet So Far

The United States men's national team took Belgium to 120 minutes but lost 2-1, ending its run at the 2014 World Cup. Who has a post-mortem ready for action? Lots of folks.
BY Noah Davis Posted
July 02, 2014
8:19 AM
  • Yeah, that happened: Belgium beat the U.S. in extra time, 2-1, a deserved result in a match it thoroughly dominated. American goalkeeper Tim Howard kept his team in the contest with a breathtaking 16-save performance, but not even he could keep a relentless Belgian squad from scoring toward the end of the tense clash. The final shots on goal tally: 18 for Belgium, five for the Americans. It was that kind of game.

  • Highlights here.

  • Probably not going to win a whole lot of matches this way:
  • A fitting award:
  • It's paragraphs like this, written by someone who should know better, that make you want to shake your head: [Klinsmann] has built a platform that enables even a mediocre side to play attractive attacking football; and it is capable of foiling far more talented teams. Despite his (factually correct) grumblings about the limits of Team USA, he has managed to create a culture that genuinely believes in its chances against the great powers of the game; his team doesn’t abandon hope at their first mistake or after squandering a lead.

  • Hot take from the Brits: U.S. prove they belong once and for all.

  • We support you, Chris Wondolowski:
  • But it would have been nice if you put that away:
  • Pretty undeniable:
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