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ASN Morning Read: Loving Life with Omar Gonzalez

The Los Angeles Galaxy big man is happy in the Hollywood spotlight and his improving play reflects that fact; a deep look at the United States depth chart; highlights, highlights, highlights.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 14, 2013
8:41 AM
  • Omar Gonzalez was made for Los Angeles. Witness: “I think it’s easy to not be so stressed there,” Gonzalez said. “Say you lose a game, like we did against New England.—the 5-0 game [in June]. It’s easy to go back to L.A. and quickly forget about it and focus on the next one. For me, somehow just being in that area, you forget about things and move on.”

  • Clint Dempsey, out. Fabian Johnson, out. Anyone else?

  • Doug McIntyre examines the United States depth chart as of this exact moment. Honestly, not a whole lot of surprises but worth a read nonetheless.

  • Do you want to watch highlights from the last match against Scotland, a 5-1 destruction when were all like "oh, so that's how the U.S. is supposed to play?" Yeah you do.
  • Uh sure:

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