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ASN Morning Read: 'Well, I Was Born in America'

Julian Green's father shares some stories about his son, whose change was officially approved by FIFA on Monday; David Beckham reveals his plan for a gorgeous waterfront stadium in Miami.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
March 25, 2014
8:22 AM
  • USA TODAY Sports scored a long interview with Julian Green’s father Jerry, who touched of a number of subjects. “I think were it another coach… I don’t know if he would be there now,” said Jerry Green. “Let’s say it was Tab Ramos — and I’m just using him as an example because I know the name — I’m not sure that we would be where we are right now.”

    Julian’s older brother Justin was born in Germany but grew up in the United States, and the boys’ father shared a little story about the two: “Julian would get very defensive when his brother would make fun of [his English]. So Julian would say to his brother, ‘Yeah, well, I was born in America and you weren’t. I’m from Tampa and you’re not. You’re German. I’m an American.’”

    And hey:

  • David Beckham and his group revealed their plan and renditions for a stadium on the Miami waterfront. Unlike a certain baseball team in the city, the group isn’t seeking financial support from Miami or the county, but Beckham will be in Tallahassee today to lobby the state for the state sales-tax subsidy that is available for construction of facilities for professional sports.

  • Speaking of new stadiums, candidates running for office in D.C. are skeptical about the land-swap deal proposed by the current administration, one element of assembling land for a new D.C. United stadium.

  • Goalscorer Geoff Cameron is a big shot, featuring in the promos for Stoke City's 2014-15 kits, supplied by American company Warrior Sports:

  • Major League Soccer announced a multi-year deal with Etihad Airways, making the UAE's national airline the official airline partner of MLS. Etihad is Manchester City's kit sponsor and owns the naming right to City's stadium.
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