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ASN Morning Read: Jozy Altidore Keeps on Scoring

The new Black Cat makes a quick impression in England, finding the back of the net in a preseason match; Geoff Cameron and Brad Guzan go the Q&A route; a man from Peru moves to Iran.
BY Noah Davis Posted
July 11, 2013
8:57 AM
  • Hey-o: "Altidore marked his debut with a goal, cleverly bringing the ball down on the edge of the box and turning his man before hitting the ball across the keeper and into the bottom corner." That goal made it Sunderland 10, Local Select XI 0. The final score was 13-1. Somewhere, Jonathan Wilson smiled.

  • Speaking of Mr. Altidore, he's the star of our new infographic, How Will Altidore Perform in the EPL? Your thoughts, please.

  • Hey Geoff Cameron, what was your "Welcome to the EPL" moment? "The first game against Arsenal, definitely. I actually flew back from Mexico after the 1-0 win at Azteca, and I landed in Manchester on Thursday, trained Friday, and then I played against Arsenal on Saturday, and started and I got man of the match. But before that game, I was walking out onto the pitch, and I was like, “(Damn) man, I’m in the EPL! I’m here! This is crazy." There's plenty more in this excellent Q&A with New England Soccer Today.

  • Hey Brad Guzan, how do you feel about last season? “No-one cares about last season now. No-one will remember last season when this season starts. You have the summer to reflect on things but now that time is done and dusted. There’s no point dwelling on anything that happened for me last season." Okay then. Plus, pictures!

  • Former Peruvian star Diego Chavarri is going on loan to Iran. "When I heard it was a possibility to come to Iran, I was kind of surprised because Iran is a country really far from Peru," he tells Yanks Abroad. Fair enough.

  • CONCACAF, now with more cleaning power from Jeffrey Webb. Sure? File under: Things we will believe when we see.

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