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ASN Morning Read: Goodbye Steve Cherundolo

The right back retires to join the coaching ranks after a heck of a career; Jose Torres tries to make Jurgen Klinsmann pay attention to him; everyone is talking about Julian Green and repeat.
BY Noah Davis Posted
March 20, 2014
9:23 AM
  • We're going to miss that dude.

  • A golazo for Jose Torres. The best part is how the clip starts with the announcer screaming. More of that.
  • Oh good, we're still talking about Julian Green. In this, Alexi Lalas makes some smart points: "Green’s selection can be used as a motivational force and Jurgen may be using it as such. The rest of the squad will be asking themselves, “Who is this kid who has been given a golden ticket?” And once again, it is a way to show that if you play in Europe, you have an advantage over MLS veterans, even if you are a young player who's not done anything yet. Jurgen is a manager of men. He knows he is far enough away from the World Cup for this decision to be successful, but close enough to send a message. But ultimately, this will be settled on the field. As Aron Johannsson has demonstrated, if you bring quality onto the field and show you are better than your rivals, acceptance will come with that."

  • And so does ASN's own Brian Sciaretta: "Even if Green goes to the World Cup, he is unlikely to start or see significant minutes. Yes, the 2015 Gold Cup could be another major tournament for him and theoretically he could play in next year’s U-20 World Cup. But its also possible that the 2016 Olympics (when he will be 20) could be his first major showcase for the United States."

  • Nice job, Dempsey But also: Please stop hacking Clint, yo.

  • MLS will get its refs back.

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