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ASN Morning Read: Good Morning, Costa Rica

The Stars and Stripes show up in Costa Rica and the locals welcome them in truly epic fashion. The American women destroy a rival in the nation's capital. Julian Green cannot be stopped.
BY Noah Davis Posted
September 04, 2013
8:58 AM
  • We arrived safely in San Jose. Thanks for asking. The United States team is here as well, but not before training in Miami on Tuesday.

  • Welcome to the thunderdome, Team America:

  • Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., the U.S. women obliterated Mexico. Shades of next week?

  • Is this how you stop Landon Donovan? I'm not sure; my Spanish es pobre:

  • A bunch of young Americans saw the field yesterday, including Julian Green who scored three goals. That's 10 goals in 10 games with Bayern Munich”s U-23 in case you were counting.

  • Andrew Lewellen talks to Brian McBride and Cobi Jones about MLS's newfound ability to pay American stars: McBride sees the domestic league stepping up to the plate, financially: “I like the fact that MLS is coming to the table and saying, ‘We want to keep you guys, and while we may not be able to pay you what you could possibly make overseas, we’ll pay you a lot more than what we used to pay or usually pay the top Americans.’ That’s great.”

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