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ASN Morning Read: Fabian Johnson at Right Back?

The presumed starter out left reveals that he's been seeing most of his time at right back during camp; Landon Donovan shatters the MLS scoring record; Clarence Goodson would like an explanation.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
May 26, 2014
7:45 AM
  • On Sunday, Fabian Johnson told reporters that he’d “played right back in all of the scrimmages.” We knew Johnson was playing a lot of right back for Hoffenheim, but with Timothy Chandler and DeAndre Yedlin on the roster, it seemed like he’d almost certainly be on the left side. If you can remember all the way back to the fall of 2011, Chandler played left back at the beginning of Klinsmann’s tenure. Good luck sorting this all out in your head.

  • At long last, Landon Donovan scored No. 135, breaking the Major League Soccer record

  • Clarence Goodson is not the most talkative guy you're going to meet in a mixed zone, but he seems pretty ticked off about his World Cup snub. Some choice quotes:

    “When Jurgen needed a result, he called on me. You look at the games that were played last year. Gold Cup final, snow game, 2-0 against Mexico. Were there any games bigger than that? I played in all three of those. So it’s certainly surprising and something I think Jurgen got wrong.”

    “I asked Jurgen for an explanation. It was something that he was unwilling to give me. He said that he would speak with me after the World Cup about it, and I said that I thought I certainly deserved an explanation. And it was something that he was unwilling to give.”

    “It’s something that I absolutely earned. And I felt that I was always in a position to be potentially starting, not ever trying to make the team. That’s based on being called in on a consistent basis for the last six years.”

  • On the scene in Palo Alto, Jon Arnold has six big questions to consider before the Azerbaijan game on Tuesday.

  • After Saturday’s game in Vancouver, Brad Evans answered a bunch of questions about being left off the World Cup roster. “I put a lot of effort into that team. I bled for that team, and that’s what I do for any team that I’m on. So it’s a hard pill to swallow.”

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