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ASN Morning Read: Eddie Pope Talks MLS Players

MLS Players Union official Eddie Pope discusses player salaries then and now; a Terrence Boyd-to-England rumor surfaces; and Chivas USA continues to do the sorts of things Chivas USA does.
BY John Godfrey Posted
August 22, 2013
9:12 AM
  • Jeff Bradley, brother of Bob and uncle to Michael, spent some time with Eddie Pope, the former U.S. national team great and current director of player relations for the MLS Players Union. The two discussed a variety of topics, and Pope's comments about what needed to change since his playing days was direct and insightful.

    "Just having teammates who were making $12,000 a year," Pope said. "That was hard to watch. To see guys working as hard as anyone on the team and having to suffer so much more, that was unacceptable to everyone. I think everyone realized that wasn’t good for the league. If you want to be perceived as a serious league, you can’t have guys making that kind of money.

    "Getting that minimum salary up was, and still is, a major priority for us. From the first day I took this job, that was a priority for me, helping the guys on the bottom."

  • Pope, incidentally, is one of 49 United States players, both former and current, who you could put on our your U.S. National Team All-Time Best XI, an interactive partnership between ASN and Howler. It's a fun challenge and a great conversation starter. Check it out.

  • Could Terrence Boyd be on the way to Bournemouth? That's what they say here. I think he can do better.

  • Chivas USA jumped out to an early lead over FC Dallas last night, but then conceded three consecutive goals to lose 3-1. With a record of 4-14-6, Chivas USA is the only truly bad side in MLS's Western Conference. Given all of the controversy swirling around this club, can it go on much longer?
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