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ASN Morning Read: Eddie Johnson Getting Paid

The United States forward is on the move and his club teammate, Clint Dempsey, might be bouncing for a bit as well; the American youth destroy Brazil in embarrassing fashion; Brad Davis fashions some tech.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 18, 2013
8:22 AM
  • Eddie Johnson is headed to the national capital. Captain Pay Me will likely end up with a DP contract. “We’re committed to making Eddie a designated player; it will be a process,” general manager Dave Kasper said. “Eddie wants to be rewarded for his overall production in the past two years. We’re going to do our best to make it happen.” Here's your, um, most concerning quote from Kaspar: “There is a comfort level. He has matured. Deep down, he is a great person.”

  • And then there's this, from an unnamed former teammate of Johnson's: “It’s almost like, ‘In what way is he not a problem?’” said one former teammate who asked not to be identified. “From being late, disruptive, abusive, uncoachable—the list goes on. You can only take it for so long. You either lose the whole team or you lose him.”

  • Meanwhile, up in Seattle, GM Adrian Hanauer confirms what we already knew: Clint Dempsey is likely to go out on loan. “Clint did have something in his [MLS] contract that would allow him to go on loan for the first couple of months here, and obviously the rumors are pretty rampant,” Hanauer told SI.com. “I think it’s likely, but until it’s done we won’t report it as done. I do think it’s likely.”

  • Brad Davis played in the Brian Ching testamonial match while wearing a Go Pro. The results were awesome and so bouncy:
  • Miami, now with more soccer stadiums?

  • Here's the United States U-17 national team beating up on Brazil. Otherwise known as the time Brazil quit (comes at the 1:53:25 mark):
  • KickTV brings you a Christmas song. Not surprisingly, Jimmy Conrad is the loudest singer:
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