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ASN Morning Read: Donovan Closer to Return

The Los Angeles Galaxy talisman appears to be headed back to the Stars and Stripes for the Gold Cup; a couple U-20 stars talk about their team and the future; Danny Williams jumps to England.
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 26, 2013
8:21 AM
  • The Gold Cup roster won't be out until Thursday but various sources have Landon Donovan, Jose Francisco Torres, and Jack McInerney making the team. Why don't you make your own Starting XI?

  • U-20 news: Everyone loves DeAndre Yedlin, especially after he showed well in midfield against France. How much longer will the Seattle Sounders be able to keep him?

  • Speaking of young Major League Soccer players potentially on the move, Jose Villarreal thinks his team will continue to improve. "We start off slow every tournament. It showed in the qualifiers. This is good for us. We didn't get the result against Spain but we're progressing and we're definitely getting better," he said. "I've been contributing a lot defensively to the team. Anything I can do for the team, I'm going to do. Once I get myself going, it will be a lot easier for everyone. I guess you can say there is a lot more from me to come." Now, about beating Ghana and reaching the next round...

  • Danny Williams leaves Hoffenheim for Championship side Reading. "I am very excited to be here, I am really looking forward to the season and to try to get the club back to the Premier League. I spoke to the manager yesterday when I did my medicine check and he is a really great, nice guy. I'm looking forward to working with him, everything is perfect here," he said, which makes us wonder if he had spoken with the manager before Tuesday.

  • Free Beer Movement goes thought piece on why American soccer is the best: "No one is asking for sanitized, family-friendly supporters, but just the idea that we'd much rather share a beer than a fist-fight. A war of words and wit (and their team backing it up on the field) can be just as effective. It's what sets American soccer apart from the rest of the world. We don't have to resort to hooliganism to support our teams; to violence and vitriol to prove who is better."

  • Smart thoughts on why FIFA and transparency don't mix and why the World Cup won't come back to the democratic world.

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