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ASN Morning Read: Cristiano Ronaldo Is Good

The Real Madrid star helped his club destroy Bayern Munich in the Champions League. A preview of Brazil, perhaps?; Can Ronaldo be contained? Maybe Tim Ream can handle the job.
BY Noah Davis Posted
April 30, 2014
8:12 AM
  • How do you spell evisceration in Portuguese? I believe it's something like "good luck in Manaus, America."
  • We mentioned the news yesterday but we'll post it again because heck yeah. Tim Ream is your Bolton Player of the Year:
  • Americans either like, or do not like, soccer. We're betting on the former, but that should be obvious.

  • Jurgen Klinsmann took to Time to write about Angela Merkel. He's a big em dash guy: "For me, nothing epitomizes Angela Merkel’s leadership more than her role in the 2006 World Cup. As hosts, we Germans were concerned about how we would be perceived—the dark shadow of history still loomed. We had assembled a young, hungry, decidedly “un-German” team. A team that historically was disciplined, organized and physical—which perfectly fit the image of our culture—became one that was free-flowing, creative and energetic. There were growing pains, and the criticism was harsh. She remained supportive, and Germans ultimately embraced the new approach."

  • Cool beans: "I really wonder what will happen during the World Cup which starts within 40 days. I’m very afraid of the incompetence of the police and security forces during this period, as incompetence is the only thing the authorities show. The situation is ripe to explode. It’s too cheap to call it vandalism, while it’s an expression of the disaffection of the people with the authorities."

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