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ASN Morning Read: Benny Feilhaber's Feeling Fine

The midfielder thinks he's in the running for a trip to Brazil this summer; the stadium where the U.S. will play Ghana is up and running; Omar Gonzalez puts his culinary critic hat on that big head of hair.
BY Noah Davis Posted
January 23, 2014
7:57 AM
  • Benny Feilhaber believes he has a shot at making the United States roster for the World Cup. "I'm trying to take this opportunity as best as I can," the midfielder said. "I saw the coach talking about how I need to be more consistent, and he has spoken about that with me as well. I'm trying to improve every day. I need to keep training well and dedicating myself so that I can make my dream of being in this World Cup come true and help the United States."

  • Is the U.S. Soccer Federation rethinking plans to play in the Ukraine on March 5? If they read this story, they might be.

  • Meanwhile, stadium update:
  • Sure, but how's the chow down in Brazil? Let's ask Omar Gonzalez: “The food has been fantastic, especially the two restaurants we went to. The one on the rooftop was amazing! The views… there are high rises as far as the eye can see in any direction. And the traditional Brazilian churrascaria was excellent. I don’t think I need to eat that much meat again for a while.”

  • ASN contributor Brian Blickenstaff writes a nice bit on Jurgen Klinsmann versus his legacy. Make sure to check it out, and fund Brian on Beacon if you want.

  • Truer words:
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