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ASN Morning Read: David Beckham Tours Miami

Beckham was in town for the NBA Finals and reportedly received a key to the city from the mayor during his stay. Keep giving him stuff, but only if that makes him more likely to buy an expansion MLS team.
BY Jasper Wilson Posted
June 03, 2013
8:30 AM
  • Busy with the U.S. men's national team game against Germany and then the women's game versus Canada? Then you may have missed developments in the whole David Beckham-may-own-an-MLS-team-in-Miami thing. He received tours of potential stadium locations. Whether this signifies actual progress or not who knows, but it's still kind of exciting.

  • Uh oh, an issue with a referee: A foul call and a quick restart on the New England Revolution's second goal in a 5-0 beatdown of the Galaxy on Sunday attracted the ire of Landon Donovan. Perhaps with good reason, but it's hard not to wonder what the MLS will think of the criticism.

  • Here are some 20-year-old Germany-U.S. highlights from a game in Chicago. You may recognize the person who scores Germany's first goal.
  • In his latest media column, SI's Richard Deitsch checked in with Fox Sports President Eric Shanks for his assessment of much-maligned Gus Johnson's first year as the network's soccer play-by-play guy. "I think that it was pretty much as expected as far as what Gus and I talked about before he took on this challenge," Shanks said. "It was going to be a work in progress. It was going to be tough. He was going to be criticized from all sides but he was going to put his nose down and work to get better every game. We paired him with different people -- at least three different analysts during the season -- and he was finding his way with each individual guy. The constant and consistent improvement comes in finding the pace of the game and I believe in the Champions League final, he found the pace of the game. He is committed to continuing to get better and we will continue to work at it." Sounds as though we'll be witnessing a few more Gusgasms.
  • Oh yeah, the U.S. won two games. The men: and the women.

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