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Appraising Arizona: A Sonic Exploration of U.S.-Mexico

Tired eyes? The Total Soccer Show has some in-depth audio analysis of Wednesday's U.S. - Mexico clash. Just press play, lean back, close your eyes, and dream about the Amazon River...
BY Daryl Grove Posted
April 03, 2014
7:30 PM
YOU SAW THE UNITED STATES tie Mexico 2-2 with your eyes. And if were are on the East Coast then those eyes were bleary last night, blearier still this morning when you reluctantly showed up at work. But fret not—the Total Soccer Show's Daryl Grove, Laura Coutts, and Taylor Rockwell are here to bring you some clarity. Listen to the podcast below to get answers to the following questions:

  • Was it really all Omar Gonzalez' fault?

  • Did Chris Wondolowski book a trip to Brazil with that goal? Or with that forearm to Rafa Marquez' face?

  • Did the assistant referee's flag ruin Eddie Johnson's summer plans?

  • Bradley-Beckerman or Bradley-Jones?

  • Are we still excited about Julian Green?

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